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“Friendly Fire” – Investigating the complexity of organisational failure

A standing army is one of the oldest and sustained forms for an organisational solution to a complex need. Actions of thousands of individuals are coordinated in the pursuit of a highly dangerous “mission”. Over the hundreds of years many … Continue reading

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Why collaboration helps business to survive

In order to achieve anything with others we need a lot… First of all, we need a strong leader with a vision. This leader will through his virtues and charisma create the momentum and “compel” others to work together. The … Continue reading

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The First 2ndOpinion – And was it helpful?

What is 2nd Opinion? It seemed that often what we need for moving forward in our projects and with our ideas are some insightful questions, a fresh look, a good analysis of the situation, and some joined reflection. This is … Continue reading

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Taking Your Idea to the Next Step

What would help you to take your idea to the next step? What could I do to help you to take it to the next step? Consider the following offer: You write down a short description of the context, the … Continue reading

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Process consultation revisited

Recently I (re-) discovered on my desk this book: “Process Consultation Revisited” by Edgar Schein.  http://www.librarything.com/work/494362 Yes, written in 1999. “Old stuff” given how rapidly information can be outdated nowadays. However, having read it once more my belief is reinforced … Continue reading

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