What stands in your way of becoming great?

It is not easy to believe that everyone can achieve what they set out to do. For me it took years, going to new countries and it took the inspirations and challenges of many people around me. Do you think that you do not have enough talent? Do you believe that there are people already out there who are better then you? Do you believe that you need to be realistic? Be careful those thoughts might just make it impossible for you to realise your own greatness.

If you need some inspiration to believe that you can achieve what you want – watch the video below. Will Smith shares his take on the topic. Very impressive, believable and real. Thank you! An example for practise and belief being the key to success instead of talent, luck or other things outside of your own control. We had a little bit of a discussion about that here.

What went throught your mind watching the video? Let us know! Leave a comment.


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