The First 2ndOpinion – And was it helpful?

What is 2nd Opinion? It seemed that often what we need for moving forward in our projects and with our ideas are some insightful questions, a fresh look, a good analysis of the situation, and some joined reflection. This is what the 2ndOpinion ‘experiment’ is about: To provide you with a professional 2nd opinion, one which explores, appreciates what is, confronts with blind spots, unlocks new energies and uncovers additional opportunities.

Aninia was the first one who tried it out. At this point I cannot tell you what her project was about but I can tell you what she said after receiving the 2ndOpinion. Here are two comments from her, which sum up her first reaction: “Wow, first of all thank you very much. What you wrote was very helpful.” and “It is great to exchange these thoughts with someone.”

This is what 2nd Opinion is all about. We will investigate a little bit more and the next 2ndOpinion will become even better. In the meantime – send me your idea, your project and you could be the 2nd person to benefit from this experiment.


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