Taking Your Idea to the Next Step

What would help you to take your idea to the next step? What could I do to help you to take it to the next step?

Consider the following offer:

  1. You write down a short description of the context, the problem at hand, and what you are trying to achieve.
  2. You send an email to me and attach the presentation, the research paper, the strategy proposal, the business plan – whatever might help me in understanding what you are trying to achieve.
  3. I will send you an answer, comments in the document, questions, a step-by-step guide  – whatever might help you take the next step.

If it helps you to move forward – mission accomplished. You have just broken through the wall, you might become rich, your boss might support your great idea, your partner might wonder where your new energy comes from. In any case you will have discovered the next step to realise your idea.

If my answer does not help you you have lost only the minutes it took to put together the email and send it to me. Or maybe that has already helped? ;)

Myself, I have spent a couple of hours doing what I love: Putting Ideas into Actions. At the moment this is a free service. It is an experiment, a trial to explore and to learn. No liabilities on my part and confidentiality for you is fully assured. Be part of the journey!

If you don’t want to try it leave me with your wisdom, your comments what would make this work for you.


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3 Responses to Taking Your Idea to the Next Step

  1. Aninia says:

    firstly: i think it’s great that you started this blog. and put your idea into action. it is refreshing to read your thoughts. and i actually just had the question: are you aiming at corporations or individual people or both?
    secondly: i’ve been sitting and getting things together to put one of my ideas into action in the past three days… and i would like to try this – where can i send you something?

  2. Hi Aninia, thank you for trying this out and your kind comment! You cannot imagine how encouraging this is after only having started this blog a week ago.

    The offer is aimed at corporations and individuals. While I have a corporate background I want to try both.

    Great that you are on the brink of putting your idea into action! I look forward to receiving the package at 2ndopinion[at]email.de And I will go to work this weekend on it!

    Best, Nico

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