Is Money Something You Don’t Have or Do Not Like?

An exploration for those of us who don’t have money or don’t like it

Over the years, there were many people who made strongly clear to me that striving for or having money is just not their thing. They are not working to earn money. They are forced to earn money because they need to pay the bills. Money is a necessary evil. They are doing their respective jobs out of high ideals, e.g. social consciousness and artistic calling. Those are great reasons to work and they are admirable missions in life. Only why were these same people actually miserable in their jobs?

Do you feel underpaid? Do you feel that the real value of your work is not recognised? Do you think that money is “bad” and that rich people are immoral, shallow or even terrible persons? This could stand in your way of getting paid what you deserve for your work. It basically means that you will probably try to avoid getting paid well.

It happened right before my eyes: A talented physiotherapist was offered money for looking at a shoulder problem of an acquaintance of a friend of hers. She responded without thinking: “No, no, I do not want any money.” She did not know the person and was not indebted to him in any way. What happened? She lost an opportunity to get paid for the value she provides to others through her skills. Not wanting money will make you be underpaid and in the end unhappy.

As a start: Think of three financially successful people that you respect. This might be not easy because you have spent your life with a preconception that money is something no good person has. Take your time. Which one of the people that you respect earns an income that you would think is beyond your reach. Sometimes you need to actually ask or look them up on the internet because you might not know what money they earn. If you can only think of one person – go with one for now. Think about what you respect in this persons or in the persons. Find a picture, print it out and put it somewhere you can see it while you are working. You have found your financial role model(s) and maybe money is not so demonic after all?

Found this excercise in “Screw Work Let’s Play” by John Williams (p. 205/ 206).



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