Coaching excercise: Circle of Life

An exploration excercise for those of us who aspire to be great in something

Draw a circle. This is your life, this circle represents how much time you have in each day, week, and month. Divide the circle into two parts: one for the thing that you aspire to be great in, e.g. acting, inventing, singing – whatever it might be. Size this part according to how much time you spend on it, e.g. 10% of your day. The other part of the circle holds the rest of your life, e.g. marriage, friends, going out, eating etc. There should be no time left between the two.

Now, highly successful people will spend up to 90% of their waking time doing what their calling is. Remember that even a “normal” job takes up more then 50% of our day. Highly successful people will learn about their art, talk about it, practise it, and just do it 90% of their daily life. Success is not about talent, it is not about luck, it is about how much you invest every day. Successful people will spend well over 5000 hours each year practising their art. Compare that to someone who practises the same less then 600h each year. Who will be more successful?

It is a great way to bring us back to the basics of practising, walking the walk. It is sobering. It is for those of us who have their heads in the clouds and hope that success will fall into our laps.

Found the original excercise in this book: Acting for love and money by Paul G. Gleason and Gavin Levy.


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