Screw Work Let’s Play

Screw Work Let’s Play” – what a title. The book by John Williams is an eye catcher. Who would say no to making that transformation. Well, I picked up the book out of an impulse of “Wow, that would be just great.”

The book is great for anyone who is not happy with where they are in their working life. It challenges some of the basic assumptions a lot of us have about work – John Williams calls them the 21 myths of work: “You can’t get paid for doing what you love” or “I need an original idea to start a business.” The positive message he has for us is that anyone can get paid to have fun. He encourages people to look for what they want to do and to pursue that in their life. He inspires the reader with the belief that if you love what you are doing you will be good at it – you will be able to compete with others. If you love what you are doing and you find a way to solve problems for other people with it you will earn enough money to make a living. Individualism, market economy and the technology revolution join in a formidable union.

The book lays out ten ‘secrets’, which lead the reader through small steps to the goal of doing what one loves and making a successful business out of it. It is a hands-on guide with practical excercises, which ensure that the reader ends up with tangible results and a great start on a new path.

One warning… What John Williams does not offer is a magical solution that needs no effort. Quite on the contrary. However, he captures the imagination of the reader, he turns “working” on the new idea, the new business into “playing”. This is the true power of this book.

It made me start this blog! 🙂 What will it do for you? Screw Work Let’s Play.


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